1. Top 10 Characteristics of a World Class Audit Organization
    Identify and discuss the critical characteristics which define the most effective audit departments around the world. Learn how to evaluate and score your department’s status and achieve maximum production in partnering with clients to meet/exceed their objectives.
  2. Top 5 Mistakes Audit Departments Make
    Identify the top five mistakes and facilitate discussion. Participants complete self-assessment questions to identify improvement opportunities.
  3. Audit Dashboard Development
    Defines and identifies development, implementation, and management of an internal audit dashboard.
  4. Creating High Impact Audit Reports
    Identifies and discusses key components of a high impact report and how to incorporate a new format or enhance your current format for reporting audit exceptions.
  5. Communication - The Cornerstone of Audit
    Defines communication in internal audit and provides keys to successfully communicating through each phase of an audit from the audit universe development to final report issuance.
  6. Risk & Control - The Basics
    Provides the definition of risk and control along with techniques which are used to properly identify different types of risk and the techniques to address risk.
  7. Harnessing The Power of Continuous Auditing
    Learn and discuss the continuous auditing methodology and detailed steps of each phase as well as practice each step. Understand the key differences between continuous auditing and monitoring.
  8. Relationship Development
    Provides participants with the knowledge of how to identify, build, and maintain a strong business relationship.
  9. Building Performance Excellence
    Introduces learning map concepts to enhance auditor morale and build a specific road map for each individual team member to succeed. Learn how/when to deliver feedback while linking performance to established core competencies and expected results.
  10. How To Plan
    Provides and discusses the critical components to planning an audit effectively and efficiently from the "understanding" phase of planning up to and including the program development for execution.
  11. News at 11:00
    Learn effective steps to deliver a difficult message. Recognize the psychology around how to disarm the potential negative reactions and how to make this a constructive event.