Mainardi Company

Internal Audit Departments face many challenges. Expectations. Agendas. Outcomes. Everyone involved sees each task from the own perspective. That is why roles and responsibilities must be defined.

The individuals in your group need to embrace objectives and quickly identify potential obstacles to completing work. When they do that, they become more efficient in their job. And employees who see consistent successful results in their daily experience are more motivated.

Investing in the proper training of your Audit Department will produce excellent outcomes. That is why it’s imperative for all training and curriculum to begin with a clear understanding of your specific challenges. Workflow, communications, report writing… these are only a few of the critical skills a department needs to prioritize and master. Those skills must become routine.

At Mainardi and Company we embrace these challenges and bring our expertise to every assignment. As an organization, we believe our clients’ success is the only valid measure of our own.